Reddit: Alien Blue iOS 7 Re-Design

Easing myself back into blogging, with this project, which I’m doing for fun. I’ve begun to use the Reddit iOS App, Alien Blue, I feel it needs updating for the soon arriving iOS 7. Sir Jony Ive has begun using pastel colours, and very minimal, functional, modern designs on the built in App icons. Which you can see here, in comparison to the iOS 6 app icons. 

So, begun experimenting with ideas in Ai, using the grid system which was created by Sir Ive and his design team, which you can see here in this video: iOS 7 at around 1:50.

I have arrived at this:

Alien Blue

Just a taster, a refresh to get me back into blogging for University, I’m submitting it to the Alien Blue sub-reddit. r/AlienBlue


One thought on “Reddit: Alien Blue iOS 7 Re-Design

  1. Great Alien Blue icon! Found it while researching what I’m going to do for my own icon. It’s be cool if you checked out my blog, would really appreciate it. I make iOS icons.

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